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Charlotte Fairchild

Homeless people. They tell me they learn more from each other than from anyone else. Some people who are not homeless don't want to learn from them, yet. Whenever I leave my home I see them, and I talk to them. One thing I would like to do is help 10 people to go to the unveiling of the Martin Luther King, Jr. at the Mall in DC. When we pray, it is not just for praise, but for transformation.

craig Neal

fantastic post Alan...Bernie lived in the commune with amy and i back in the early 70s. brilliant piece.

Rick Ingrasci M.D.

A deep bow of gratitude to you for sharing Bernie's wisdom (and your own!). Clearly our capacity to create social capital -- i.e. relationships based on trust and reciprocity, rooted in love, empathy and compassion -- is the deeper truth about who we are as a species, AND also the most adaptive response to the evolutionary crises we face on planet earth.

I highly recommend Jeremy Rifkin's latest tome THE EMPATHIC CIVILIZATION -- "a new rendering of human history and the meaning of human existence... focused not on the conflicts, antagonisms, and power struggles that have marked human progress, but on the empathic evolution of the human race and the profound ways it has shaped our development and will likely decide our fate as a species."

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